Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bring on the New Year

2013, Its been real.
But its time for a new year.
First of all every year is a blessing and with every year comes more experiences and more knowledge. My year as of running was a pretty unlucky one. But I did get to accomplish running my first 50k! So that was awesome.
I also got to go to vegas for vacation, was able to move into my dream apartment, was able to fall back in love with hot yoga and remember what it was like to ride a bike around town. 
The year ended with a bang as well, my brother came to visit, I went to a Macklemore concert, I graduated college, got a job offer on my last day of classes, went to my first Seahawks game, celebrated my
parents 26th wedding anniversary, had a merry christmas with friends and family and added a new addition to my family a little puppy named Dot. Overall this has been a spectacular year. What more could anyone ask for?!
As the new year approaches many people may take a second look at the year that has passed.
This is an opportunity to remember the positives and forget the negatives. 
It is also a time to set goals and intentions for the upcoming year. 
I encourage everyone to think about what they would like to focus on in the new year. Think about your dreams and what you would like to accomplish, whether it be today, in the upcoming year, or in
five years. They say those people who write their dreams down are more likely to accomplish them. 

My goals for the upcoming year: 
- live in the moment
-focus on the positives in every situation (think, act, and be positive)
-run a full marathon (and a couple half's)
-live consciously 
-empower others
-take control of my lifestyle or  live in a way that emphasizes mental and physical health

Be happy, be healthy
Run in the direction of your dreams
 Live in the Moment

Saturday, December 7, 2013


I am so ready. 

Ready to graduate. 
Ready to have my BSN & RN. 
Ready to work. 
Ready to make more money then I am spending.

Ready for the holidays. 
Ready to spend time with family.
Ready to soak up all the love, joys and accomplishments that currently surround me. 

Most of all I am ready to get back to the little things that make me happy. 
Being fit, happy and healthy. 
Ready to start running, lifting, swimming, biking, going to yoga.
Ready to get inspired by the little things. 

To simply live the way I want to live. 
I have been neglecting the little things I enjoy so much because I have been 'to busy'. 
Flipping back and forth between day shift and night shift. 
Between working and going to clinical and going to classes and doing homework. 

Well needless to say I hate excuses. 

I have been neglecting some of the things I love the most. 
I love them simply because these are things make me feel happy. 
They make my body fit and healthy and put my mind in the right place. 
Plus I miss my adventurous friends.

It time.
Time to run another marathon. 
Time to eat to fulfill my body. 
Time to get flexible and strong. 
Time to feel my best. 

There is no time like the present.
Live in the here and now. 
What are you ready for? 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I dont know about you but when I run alone, with no music sometimes my mind seems to do crazy things. Sometimes I totally zone out while other times, like today I have inspiring moments of wisdom.
Today my thoughts wondered towards the olympics and how many children dream of one day being an olympian.

I know for me this was not the case. I knew that one day I would be a school teacher and I idolized girls like the olsen twins and britney spears. However, as time goes by, we all seem to grow and change. Never in a million years did I think I would grow up to be a nurse that loved being athletic. I was a girly girl who attempted to play soccer but really never got the hang of it and ended up looking like a ballerina dancing around on the field.

But what I found is that although dreams change and we change as people that inner child is still there. I am proud to say that although I personally could never be happy being a school teacher or pop star, that same little girl that aspired to those dreams still resides within me.

I know that little girl would look up to me, see me as an inspiring role model and love the person I have became. I am still growing, we all are, as a person each and everyday and its not what that child once thought would make them happy its knowing that if that child saw us today they would be happy with who we became and strive to be us when they grew up. No child wants to be fat, lazy, crazy, party animals that abuse themselves and their bodys, they want to be strong confident individuals with successful lives. Most of all the child wants to grow up to be, most simply put, happy! Happy living the life that they built for themselves.

Are you making your inner child happy, growing in a positive way each and everyday?
Or in other words, are you happy with the life you chose to live? 
Do you better yourself growing as a person each and everyday? 
Think about it. 
Live. Eat. Run. Grow.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Celebrate Family

A person who is admired for courage or noble qualities.

Everyone is special to someone. Today I want to focus on one of my family members. He is not only a brother, son and friend, he is also a hero.
My brother for those of you who don't know him personally is currently stationed in Japan serving his country in the United States Air Force. He is opinionated yet a bit like a mix between the gentle giant and the terminator. He loves going to bed early, his family, friends and spending money.
Recently he was able to make the 5000 mile journey home for the entire month of July! Needless to say time whizzed by as we had fun living life and enjoying the moment while it lasted.

My personal belief is that family is forever, they are the most important part of a persons life. Family are the people that will always be around for you no matter what your life brings. To me, my family aka my brother and both parents are my rocks in life. I love them deeply and know that they will always love and support me as well as one another.

I'm writing this blog to encourage my family and yours to celebrate one another and all the healthy habits you are able to do with one another. The month of July was a busy one for me running back and forth between where I live and work and where my parents live on all my off days in order to be together as a family while we had the opportunity. During this time I was able to run with both my mom and brother and see how far they have came in there journey to improve there lives by becoming active fit individuals. (My dad is active and fit too, although he currently is suffering from injury and taking some time off of running to heal! However he still is a busy active little bugger, even while recovering!!)

The month was filled with running, eating good food, and even drinking some good shall we say adult beverages in order to celebrate that we were together as a family (and that I was finally old enough to join in on all the festivities!) While the month was extremely busy I wouldn't change a thing. I love seeing my brother and being able to relax with my family just like the good o' days! Although we have all grown older and wiser the memories we make together will always be there. It may have taken my brother moving out and joining the air force right out of college and me living in random places while going to school for me to realize how awesome my family is. We are Fierce, We are Awesome, We are Runners and most of all we are Family Forever.

Go out, Be healthy, Celebrate Family and Friends! 
Lifes to short to not tell your Loved Ones how very special they are to you!! 

(ps. Congratulations bro on making Staff Sergeant!)
Some of my nerdiness must have worn off on you. ;p

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tacoma City Marathon

I signed up for the Eugene Marathon in January and had planned for it to be a fast marathon that I would train hard for, but after things got in the way, Tacoma City Marathon was on my mind as well. The plan was as long as my body was holding up okay I would attempt to run the race just a short seven days after running the Eugene Marathon. To me it was hard to pass up being that it was in my own backyard and if I ran it I got the opportunity to receive two medals.
I ran this race last year as it was my second ever marathon, and this year it would be my sixth! I knew going into this race that it would be a challenge, since it is known as a hilly course for a road race (you gain about 1600 feet in elevation). But the race plan was to set out with my 'honeybadger' friends and just run for fun. I kept thinking, man I've got to be crazy, but as they say misery loves company. In the long run, no pun intended, I am so glad I ran this race, it was truley a blast. The course is a beautiful one winding along the waterfront and going through point defiance park, then after you beat all the hills (and dread the thought of another one) you come around the corner and realize it is all downhill to the finish! I set an acceptable pace at the beginning of the race and kept it throughout. Because of hills and tired legs I did not PR but I did run a good race with a finishing time of 3 hours and 43 minutes which was enough to win me second place in my age division.
And one thing about running a race in your own backyard is that you get to see all the lovely faces of the local running community. I love my runner friends and feel that they are all so supportive and inspiring! Whether I was running next them or running by them it didnt matter, because they were all cheering eachother on the entire way, from the pasta dinner, through the race and even into the after party! If you havent already, I highly recommend getting to know the local running community in your area. They are a great support system and a loving welcoming community. Most runners are more then thrilled to meet other runners whether it be an elite athlete or a new runner the fact that you are out there is amazing, which is why runners seem to understand and support eachother with such strength.
Over all, the Tacoma City Marathon is a great race! Good sites, good people, good race support, fun after party, lots of maniac and fanatics, I mean what else could you possibly ask for?! This course also made me think, if I can run a 3:43 (hilly) marathon seven days after running a 3:39 (flat) marathon.... what else am I capable of? My beliefs, if I train correctly I believe I can run a 3:30!! So that will be my next big goal, to attain whenever the time is right. Plus this would also be a BQ for me. ;)

So I encourage you all,
dream big and run strong,
if your Dreams don't scare you, they are not Big enough!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Eugene Marathon

On Saturday April 29, 2012 I ran my fifth full marathon!
Going into this marathon I was a bit scared I must admit. I did not have time to train 'appropriatly' since January due to my demanding school schedule. This fact alone had me worried that I would bonk early on in the race and end up walking to the finish. However this race ended up going relatively well considering everything that could have gone wrong. Not only did I not train correctly, I seemed to do many other things wrong as well. For instance, for breakfast, I had some brown sugar oatmeal and then a delicious lime coconut vegan cupcake! Needless to stay I was scared this would cause me to have to make an immediate potty stop for evacuation from either end.
This training session had its downfalls not only for me, but also for many of my running friends; some were injured, other had medical problems and overall it all came down the fact we didn't have the training base that we really wished we had. So going into race weekend, we all decided to take it easy and just use the race as a good fun long run!
Well...... in the end we all ended up with new PR's!
We started the morning waking up at 5 am, lounging around eating our cupcakes and getting dressed. Then we caught the shuttle to the start and met some cool people along the way that seemed to be just as crazy as us. Since we caught the shuttle later than expected and port-a-potty lines are always super long we had to drop our drawers behind some bushes on the UO campus before dashing off just in time to start running. Unfortunately, we lined up in the wrong corral. That is my one complaint from this marathon, since the full and half started at the same time the race was super congested until around mile ten where the race finally splits! This caused our first couple of miles to be way slower than expected. Although we started the race planning to take it as a nice slow easy long run, we quickly sped up to about 9 minute miles, then before we knew it we were running 8:30, and then 8:00, and then 7:40 minute miles. I ran most of the race with a honeybadger friend named Heather who was running her very first full marathon, and because of injury had not been able to run for about a month. Unfortinatly at around mile seventeen or so we got split up. I figured she may of stopped to stretch again so I just kept an eye out for her the first couple of water stops, but when I realized she was not in sight I decided to take off. I looked at my garmin and realized that if I kept up my pace up and continued running I still had a chance to PR.
The course was super FLAT and scenic, winding around the river for many of the miles and finally finishing on the track at Hayward Field. Although a little to flat for my own liking, since the same muscles are called upon the entire race, I had a blast and would totally run this race again! The finish is full of fans cheering you on in the stands. I ended up running a 3:39 marathon, which is a PR by about 6 minutes (pretty good for not training and eating cupcakes!).

So whats next for me.....
I want to have fun and enjoy my summer! I look forward to training and gaining some strength as well as speed so that I can shave some serious time off my marathon and BQ on a race in September!
Oh and if running Marathons isn't crazy enough, I just registered for the Tacoma City Marathon this weekend!! I have a feeling this one will be a slow one, but I am just excited to spend a good three to four hours enjoying my time with friends outdoors on a sunny day!  Plus, I get a special Marathon Maniac medal... Bonus!

While this marathon could have been a huge disaster in the end it all worked out. It just proves that with a little guts and a lot of faith you can do anything you put your mind to.
Never Underestimate Your Own Abilities!
When all else fails, Run for the pure enjoyment of it, not caring about anything else.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday.

An update on training, school and just my life in general:

First off school- As most of you know I am going to school to receive my BSN. Currently, I am a Junior I and as of the end of May I will be considered a Junior II. Which really means I have about a year and a half left until I graduate!!! Ah, that day cannot come soon enough! School seems to consume most of my life, but I refuse to let it take up all my time. I believe that although school is a major part of my life it is not a reason to stress out and get anxiety. To keep myself sane I relax and take things one day at a time while surrounding myself with a good support system of family and friends.
It seems that although I bicker and complain school for the most part is going extremely well this year. I mean as long as I am passing my classes I consider life to be good! Plus, this semester I have started doing real clinical rotations at St. Pete's Hospital. So far I have done everything from doing assessments, giving medications and even got to see a CABG surgery.

Training-Well as of about two weeks ago my training was going extremely well. Although I have not been able to stick to my plan perfectly I was still logging plenty of miles in the sub-eight range. However, the last two weeks my training has been off, my runs have been shorter than normal and my speed has been slower than I would like to admit. But my focus in running currently is to just have fun and know that I can train harder, the way I really love to, this summer when I have more time. My next full marathon will be the Eugene Marathon which is just a very short three weeks away!

Life in general- No complaints in this area!! I am just living life and enjoying every minute of it. Some exciting news I just received about a week ago is that I will be staying in the Tacoma area for the summer. This is because I have landed myself a nurse tech job at a local hospital. I am excited to run, hang out with friends, and earn money all summer long! What more could a girl ask for. ;)

Advise- Don't take life for granted. Live it to the fullest. Love every minute. But most of all take it for what its worth. Find strength in knowing all tough times will pass and you are strong enough to dust yourself off and keep moving in the right direction.

Live, Love, Laugh, Run!