Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bellingham Bay Marathon

Today was a big day for me. You see, as of today I have been running for approximately one full year. I ran my first ever marathon at the age of 19. It was during that marathon that I unfortunately got injured with a stress fracture and had to take a full three months off of all impact exercise. But since then I have came back stronger than ever. Instead of giving up running all together, my injury fueled me to become a healthier and smarter runner.
I sit here writing this blog feeling a little amazed. I ran 26.51 miles today and yet I feel like I just went for a nice little jog around the block this morning. I am speechless on how far I've come in running in such a short time. Which leaves me inspired to keep running and see just how far I can go with it.
Today's run started out a bit different then most. My goal for the race was to, well, not race it at all, but instead take it nice and easy using it as my training run for the Portland Marathon just a short two weeks away. At first I struggled with the idea of taking a 'race' easy. But I knew if I wanted to run Portland at all, I would have to ease up on my pace. Surprisingly, using the race as a training run was a lot of fun. It allowed me the opportunity to give others around me lots of encouragement and motivation to help them reach there personal goals for the day. And seeing others agony turn into joy when they realize others are willing to help them out is a gift in itself. As well as, not feeling bad to stop and drink water, use the bathroom and thank volunteers was nice too.
Completing this race was just a tad bit emotional for reasons I myself don't even fully understand. But my best guess is that the reason this race meant so much to me was the symbolic meaning behind it. I have officially came full circle. It was my first marathon exactly one year ago and although I have ran other races and yes even other marathons, running this one proved that I can do anything I put my mind to. Completing the race injury free and with a smile on my face was a memorable moment. Plus, although my parents probably thought I was crazy I waited about 0.1 mile from the finish line so that we could all cross the finish line together. Because today's race was not about achieving a certain time, or individual goal, it was about having fun, running the distance, and having good family and friends to share the memories with.
What race has a symbolic meaning for you?

Make a Difference. Run the Distance.


  1. Wow, that came out of nowhere! Congrats on the marathon, sounds like it was a great experience!

  2. So happy for you. What a lovely picture and glad that you had good weather too. Lovely post.